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Video:What Is Power Yoga?

with Linda Lalita Winnick

Power yoga is a more intense, more vigorous form of yoga that's gained popularity in the last two decades. Here's a brief profile of the basics of power yoga.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Power Yoga?

Hi, I am Aubrey for About.com, and I am Linda Lalita Winnick of Shakti Yoga of Woodstock, and today, we are going to teach you about power yoga.

Power Yoga Improves Strength and Flexibility

Power yoga is more vigorous and fitness-based than traditional yoga. Power yoga is a flowing and intense style. Power yoga classes vary depending on the studio. Power yoga incorporates a series of poses to improve strength and flexibility. Power yoga is used to burn calories. It is really good for people that like to have an engaged physical practice. Sometimes there is not a lot of instruction, particularly if it is a large class, but it is important to get instruction on how to do the basic poses. You can expect music and the routine to be rhythmic.

Power Yoga Increases Heart Rate and Reduces Stress

Benefits will vary, but you should get cardiovascular challenge, muscular strength, focus and concentration. Make sure you do not over-work yourself while performing this type of yoga. Take it as slowly as you need it, and your flexibility and strength will come more naturally. Power yoga increases your metabolic rate, improves calorie burning and lean muscle tissue, and reduces fat. Power yoga exercises your back and stomach muscles, which improves core strength. Power yoga increases the heartbeat, reduces stress and relaxes the body.

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