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Video:Tips for Doing Yoga to Lose Weight

with Milo De Prieto

Yoga can be a great way to lose weight and gain flexibility, while also reducing stress and introducing calm to your life. Here are some tips for using yoga to lose weight.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Doing Yoga to Lose Weight

Hello, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about using yoga to lose weight.

Attend Classes 3 Times Per Week to Use Yoga to Lose Weight

Diet is the absolute foundation of weight loss. To lose weight you simply need to burn more calories than you take in. Yoga can be quite an intense workout in certain practices; and to burn calories you must get your heart rate up. Some yoga styles can achieve this; to be sure, you should talk to the school or instructor about their approach.

If yoga is your main form of exercise, to burn calories you should consider doing classes that run an hour and a half. You should do the classes 3 times a week at least as well to have an effect on your calorie-burning.

Certain Styles of Yoga Help to Lose Weight

Look out for the following styles to help you burn calories. Yoga practices that do flows, such as vinyasa yoga, are good for getting your heart rate up, as you move from pose to pose in sequences. One such sequence is the Moon Salutation. Many times these practices are called Ashtanga or Power Yoga. These practices diverge greatly from school to school and instructor to instructor.

Hot yoga, such as Bikram Yoga, or yoga performed in a heated room, allows for your heart rate to get up, but you should be careful depending on your own stamina and strength. Usually teachers let you "warm up" into the practice. There are also yoga spinoffs, such as abdominal classes.

Use Yoga for Weight Loss As a Part of a Larger Plan

Taking yoga classes as a part of a larger strategy to get in shape is a great idea as many practices teach body awareness, coordination, improve circulation, and generally give you more energy to perform intense workouts to greater effect.

In any case, you need a simple diet and plan of exercise to burn more calories than you consume so you can lose weight. Yoga makes for an effective part of that plan if you implement it well. You'll soon be on your way.

Check us out at for more information, and also some ideas on routines you can do at home to get started.

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