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Video:How to Do a Sun Salute (Vinyasa)

with Milo De Prieto

The Sun Salute, or Vinyasa, is a series of seven yoga poses that flow into each other. Here are instructions on how to do the sun salute.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Sun Salute (Vinyasa)

Hello, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about how to do the Sun Salutation, and in Sanskrit, Surya Namaskara. The sun salutation is a series of seven poses that flow into each other.
Sometimes they are done quickly to create a more intense workout, or more slowly depending on the purpose. Typically the series is used to warm up the body in many classes and practices, but they also have been traditionally done on the solstices. On the first day of the new season people will perform 108 Sun Salutations in succession.

<h3>Start the Sun Salute (Vinyasa) in Tadasana</h3>
Start by standing on the edge of your mat in Tadasana, mountain pose. Your body from shoulders to hips to feet in alignment, big toes together. Inhale and bring your arms out to the sides and up over your head into Urdhva Hastasana, raised hands pose. Exhale and swan dive down into Uttanasana, forward bend. You are bending at the groin with straight legs. Beginners can bend the knees. Your legs are engaged, your shoulder blades apart, and your neck and head relaxed.
Inhale and lift your back up to parallel with the floor. If your knees are bent, roll your back up or you will stress it. If your legs are straight, keep your back straight. Remember this combination or you might cause yourself a strain. Exhale and return to Uttanasana. This simple pose has many benefits and you can continue to deepen your practice and excellence in it.

<h3>Enter Downward Facing Dog to Do the Sun Salute (Vinyasa)</h3>
Inhale and take your right foot to the back of the mat, the placement on the ball of the foot. Stretch and lean forward to a lunge with your fingertips on the floor. Exhale and bring the left foot back to meet the right and enter Downward Facing Dog. Check out our page on this amazing and essential pose.
Inhale and lower into a plank position: elbows by your side, head forward, stretching throughout your body. Your whole body is engaged; however, don't tense your neck. Exhale, and lower to the floor. Inhale and enter cobra pose. Your neck is not stressed but you are using your back and ab muscles to lift the top of your torso up, looking upwards. Exhale and return to Downward Facing Dog.

<h3>Return to Standing to Finish the Sun Salute (Vinyasa)</h3>
Inhale, bringing the right foot forward next to the right hand. You're back in a low lunge. Exhale and bring the left foot forward into Uttanasana again.
Inhale and reversing the swan dive return to Urdhva Hastasana. Remember if your knees are bent roll up, if your legs are straight then keep your back straight, bending at the growing as you come up.Exhale and drop your arms to your sides, returning to Tadasana.
This was one salutation, if you were to continue you would extend the left foot back first instead of the right. Understand that there are variations on this series depending on the practice and the teacher.
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