How To Safely Perform a Yoga-Style Headstand Video
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Video:How To Safely Perform a Yoga-Style Headstand

with Barbara Cresse

A certified Yoga instructor shows how to properly perform a headstand.See Transcript

Transcript:How To Safely Perform a Yoga-Style Headstand

Hi.I'm Barbara Cresse for Health. Salama Sirsasana is an advanced yoga move that strengthens the arms, legs, spine and lungs, tones the abdominals, and relieves depression. To prepare for headstand, you may use the following poses to strengthen your upper body. Upper pushup position, Lower pushup position, and downward facing dog. If you cannot perform headstand, trying building strength and letting your legs rest before raising them. This video will show you how to perform a yoga-style headstand in a safe and effective manner.

First you set your base. Then you bring your head to the mat, extend only your forearms. Make a place for your head to rest and bring your little fingers to your hairline. Now you can being walking your feet in. You will start to feel your hips tilt forward. Now you can begin to lift.

Now to get out of the pose let your feet drop and walk them back. return to child pose.
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