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with Mike McElroy

It can be beneficial to establish a daily routine for kids because they become accustomed to a schedule and understand when things need to be done each day. See tips on how to establish a daily routine for kids.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Establish a Daily Routine for Kids

Hello, I am Mike McElroy, life coach for Parenting.

Why It's Good to Establish a Daily Routine for Kids

Helping your child establish routines in their lives takes work on your part but at the end of the day, these routines will help your child develop a strong foundation for their life. These routines will keep your family and children calm, secure and at ease with the ups and downs of our lives.

Methods for Establishing a Daily Routine for Kids

Also, keep in mind that routines are not meant to box your child in or push them into what schedule works for you as a parent, but instead what is healthy for your child. So the following are some guidelines to help you establish and enforce daily routines:
  • 1. Establish a set time for meals and have your child prepare for the meal by washing hands, combing hair or if age appropriate setting the table
  • 2. Stick to a nap routine that is the same time and led up to by notice that the hour is approaching
  • 3. A clean-up time each day is a good idea to establish early in life so that later it's a habit to tidy each day
  • 4. If your child is in school, a set time for homework is important as well as a comfortable place to study that adds to the sense of routine
  • 5. Rising in the morning is also a good time to establish routines that start the day
  • 6. And finally, the bedtime routine that consistently includes all of the activities surrounding going to bed. Make the bedtime routine as fun as possible so that it is not a dreaded event, but one that is enjoyed by both child and parent

Tips to Establish a Daily Routine for Kids

There are many more routines you can establish with your child but starting with the basics will lead to establishing routines of how to do things whether its brushing and flossing or getting enough fluids each day or taking your vitamins. Watch for opportunities and then take the time to incorporate them into your child's schedule of routines with reminders as necessary.

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