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Video:Word Tutorial: How to Use Track Changes

with Adam Watstein

Using track changes to edit documents in Microsoft Word is an easy way to communicate ideas and changes. Watch this About.com video to see how track changes work.See Transcript

Transcript:Word Tutorial: How to Use Track Changes

Hello, this is Adam Watstein for About.com. Using Track Changes is an effective way to give feedback or get feedback on a document. And here's how to use Track Changes to give feedback on a document.

First Steps for Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Go into Review, select it, and then find Track Changes, and select that. And select, Change Tracking Options, because I was to modify Insertions and Deletions. In Insertions, I like using a double underline, but I want to change the color from blue to green – that means every time I insert a comment it will be green.

Additional Steps for Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word

If I suggest to delete something, I want to change Strikethrough to a Double Strikethorugh. I want to leave the color red on that. Now, by selecting OK, I can go back to my document and now each time I make an insertion or a deletion, you will see the adjusted effect.

Highlighting, Strikingthroughs and Deleting With Track Changes

I can highlight this sentence, and I am going to suggest deleting it – that's why we're seeing a double strikethrough and the color red. I am now inserting what I suggest should be written – and that's why it's coming in green. There are lots of options you can use in Track Changes to give feedback: whether it's a bold option, an underline option, a strikethrough option, using different colors.

Track Changes makes giving feedback very clear and concise and it's very easy to use. For more information, please visit About.com.

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