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Video:Word Tutorial: How to Record Macros

with Adam Watstein

Recording macros in Microsoft Word 2010 is easier than you may think. Watch this how-to video from About.com to see instructions for doing it on your won.See Transcript

Transcript:Word Tutorial: How to Record Macros

Hello, this is Adam Watstein for About.com.

Why Use Macros in Microsoft Word?

Using Macros is a great way to increase efficiency when using Microsoft Word. With just a click of a button or by pressing a series of keys, you can quickly input prepared data or text. So again, you can create a button shortcut or a keyboard shortcut and here's how you do it.

Steps for Recording Macros in Microsoft Word

Above the ribbon, you'll find the View tab. Click on the View tab and then all the way to the right you'll find Macros. Drop down to Record Macro, select it, and then you can find a button or keyboard shortcut. We're going to select a button. From there on the left side you can select Normal Macro, add it to the quick access tool bar. From there you can highlight it and modify it by selecting the icon of your choice.

More Steps for Recording Macros in Microsoft Word

Select OK, and then OK, and then you'll find your icon in the quick access tool bar on the top left of your window, that smiley face. After I record my Macro, each time I select that smiley face, the information will come on to my document. So from here on out, everything I type will be recorded as the Macro. To keep it simple, let's just go with "Hi."

At the bottom of the page, there's a stop button. Click the stop button and I've now recorded my macro. Now, if I go to my smiley face and I just click the smiley face, I will repeat the word, "Hi." So we've just recorded a macro using a button. To record a keyboard macro, select Macros, go down to Record Macro, and then, you can name it whatever you want to, and then select keyboard short cut.

Other Things to Know When Recording Macros

Decide on the series of keys you want to use for your macro. If it's already in use, Microsoft will let you know. Once you decided, select Assign, then close. Now, since you're recording, anything that you type and then stop recording will be assigned to your keyboard macro. So I'm typing "Keyboard Macro'"and then on the bottom I will stop the recording and now each time I hit my keyboard shortcut, the "Keyboard Macro" recording that I put in will come onto my document. That's how you record macros for Word 2010.

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