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Video:Straighten hair on a budget

with Kacie Marie

This video demonstrates a great technique for how to straighten hair using a flat iron. If your curly hair needs to be tamed, see this step-by-step explanation of how to straighten hair effectively.See Transcript

Transcript:Straighten hair on a budget

Hello I'm Kacie Marie, this is and today I'm going to show you how to straighten curly hair.

Supplies Needed to Straighten Hair

Today we're going to straighten our hair with a flat iron. The other tools you'll need are a brush and some anti-frizz. This is available in a spray or a lotion or a pump.

Before Beginning to Straighten Hair

Now before we start straightening, we're going to take our anti-frizz, rub a little in our hands and use as much as you want. If you have very curly hair, you may want to use a little more. We're going to put it all in our hair. This will help the curls come out and make your straightening process a lot easier.

Instructions for How to Straighten Hair

We're going to take our brush. If you have any knots, you're going to work them out now. The great thing about a brush is you can use it to separate your hair into chunks. The secret to flattening your hair is breaking it off into small sections. I don't have incredibly curly hair, so this shouldn't take me too long—about 20 minutes to do all my hair. Now some girls have extremely curly hair and it could take up to an hour and a half. Patience is the key.

Starting out with a small section that I've already pulled aside, I find it easier to start at the bottom. I'm holding it on my hair for a few seconds and slowly working my way down. I like to start at the bottom and kind of climb up the piece. It's almost like your brushing your hair. Downward stroke. If you need to hold it for longer periods of time, then do that.

Remember if you have very curly hair, you may have to go over the same section a few times. Make sure all your hair is nice and smooth.

Warning for Straightening Hair

Word of warning- your hair gets very hot so don't burn your hands. Be very careful especially up by your scalp. Nice and slow all the way down. It's good to brush it through once more after you're done. Make sure you get all the knots out. If your hair is at all frizzy, you can use a little more of your anti-frizzy to help calm it down.

Now my hair is pencil straight and looking sleek. For more information go to Until next time!

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