Trendy Pump Hairdo - How to Make a Rock Star Pump Hairstyle Video
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Video:Rock Star Pump Hairdo

with Kate McCarthy

Ever wonder how the starlets get their hair up in that fabulous and trendy pump hairstyle? See how it's done with this quick and easy pump you can do at home.See Transcript

Transcript:Rock Star Pump Hairdo

Hi! I'm Kate McCarthy with and today we're going to learn how to do a pump.

Tie the Hair Into a Ponytail

So, the first thing you want to do is pull your hair back into a basic ponytail. And let any layers that are shorter in the front just fall out. In order to get a nice, smooth ponytail, you want to take a hair tie and two bobby pins and fasten the bobby pins onto the hair tie first. And use those as your tie.

Rat the Front of the Hair

Now we're going to take the front pieces, and we're going to leave a thin layer of the front portion down and then we're going to take the rest and rat it up. And then you'll very lightly smooth out the front part of your ratted section. But don't comb it out. And we're going to take the front piece and give it a quick curl, just to smooth it out.

Smooth the Front of the Pump

Then you're going to take some bobby pins, and you're going to take the smoothed piece of hair over the ratted pieces and start to cover them up so everything looks nice and smooth. And then we'll just start pinning them in the back, but make sure not to take any of the volume away.

Hold the Pump in Place

And then you're going to want to take some gel, it can be any type, and you're just very lightly going to smooth it over, and then spray it down. And now she has that perfect rock star pump and she's ready to go.

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