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Video:How to Put On a Wig

with Kacie Marie

Learning how to put on a wig can be an easier process than you may think. See these tips for attempting to put on a wig for a halloween party or regular everyday use.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Put On a Wig

Hello my name is Kacie Marie. This is About.com and I'm going to show you today some tips on how to put on a wig.

Supplies Needed to Put On a Wig

The things you'll need are:
  • a wig cap
  • and if you don't have a wig cap you can use an old stocking
  • some bobby pins (you can use as little or as many as you need to secure your wig)
  • and a wig of course.

Instructions on How to Put On a Wig

Before you put on your wig cap, if you have long hair the best thing to do is put your hair on a braid or a bun. If your hair is short, then you're already set to go.

We're going to take our cap and stretch it upon our head. We're going to put it either over our ears or behind, I prefer it behind my ears. And then in the back, you want to tuck in your braid or bun and just spread it out however you want—it's better if it's not all in one spot. Feel around and make sure you got all the little hairs.

Now we're ready for our wig. If it's an older wig, feel free to take a comb to it, or just brush through it with your fingers, making it nice and smooth. You want to put the wig on from the back to the front. Just go ahead and straighten it out for yourself- again run your fingers through it, nice and smooth. Pretend like it's your own hair. Now I'm going to secure it with some bobby pins. And remember, use as many as you need to secure your wig.

How do you like my new look? For more information, go to About.com. Till next time!
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