How to Place Clip-In Hair Extensions in Short Hair Video
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Video:How to Place Clip-In Hair Extensions in Short Hair

with Aubrey Morgan

Want to add instance length and glamour to your short hair? This how to video from shows you how to place clip-in hair extensions in short hair so that they look natural and stay in place all day.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Place Clip-In Hair Extensions in Short Hair

Hi, I am Aubrey for, and today I am going to show you how to place clip in hair extensions in short hair.

What You'll Need for Clip In Hair Extensions

To do this you will need, a back combing comb, hairspray and clip in extensions. When buying hair extensions, you want to first make sure it matches your hair color. If you are not sure, you can always ask your local beauty supplier for help. Choosing a length varies on your personal style. So, choose a length that is most comfortable for you.

How to Put in Clip In Hair Extensions

Now it is time to put in the hair extensions. Part your sections a finger width apart to ensure that there is enough hair to cover the weft when you lay it down. If you do not grab enough hair, your weft will show through. Also, make sure you part your part as straight as possible. Take a comb and backcomb the roots. Then apply hairspray to make sure the extensions will last throughout the day. Place the clips as close as possible to the scalp, then snap them down.

Part another one inch section and lay it over the previous weft. Do the same process as before. Repeat the same process as you go up and around your head.

How to Remove Clip In Hair Extensions

To remove the extensions, gently unsnap the clips and remove them the same way you put them in. Do not try to pull them out from the ends. Work your way from the top down so you do not tug the clips at the top of your head.

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