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Video:How to Do a Sassy Layered Bob

with Andrea Cameron

Want to add a little pizzazz and volume to your layered bob hair cut? Check out how to create a sassy layered bob in this style video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Sassy Layered Bob

Hi I'm Andrea Cameron and today I'm going to show you how to create Sassy layered bob hair cut.

Hair Tools You'll Need to Create a Sassy Layered Bob

Before you get started you will need the following: A comb, scissors, a razor, styling cream, blowdryer with a diffuser attachment, texturizing paste and hairspray

How to Cut the Nape of the Neck in a Sassy Layered Bob

Start by parting the hair in four sections, 2 in the nape and one on each side, leaving an inch of hair down to cut. Beginning in the nape area, cut the length at the top of the shoulders. Continue around each side section so that it's even with the back. Take a piece of hair from each front section and pull it to the face to make sure the sides are even.

How to Cut the Layers in a Sassy Layered Bob

Next bring down another subsection all around the head and cut the length to match the previous cut. You will start cutting the layers as you bring down the next section.

To create more layers take the vertical partings all around the head, holding the hair out at a 90 degree angle and cut. It's better to point cut instead of cutting it parallel with your finger when you want the hair to be more textured and sassy. (I don't remember if there's footage for this part so it may need to be removed)

Once you get to your top section, take about a 3/4 inch section from the crown to the forehead and bring the hair straight up and point cut. From that guideline blend in the top with the sides and continue around the head. For more movement and texture take a razor and go through the whole haircut at the midshaft.

Next comb the top layer, holding it out at the sides where the shortest layers will fall, razor cut it so there will be some even shorter pieces to play with when styling.

How to Style a Sassy Layered Bob

You'll want to use a styling cream and run it through all the hair to add additional body.  Using the diffuser attachment on your dryer start blowdrying the hair, scrunching as you go with your hand. You'll start to see all the different razor cuts adding volume and pizazz to the style.

When the hair is mostly dry, take some texture cream and rub it in your hands, so when you move through the hair it will be more evenly distributed. Pull out some of the fun pieces just at the ends of the hair, defining them with the product. Finally use a little hairspray for added hold.

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