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Video:How to Create a Severely Angled Stacked Bob

with Andrea Cameron

This severely angled, stacked bob hair cut is flattering and easy to maintain. In this styling video from, check out how to create and wear a severely angled bob hair cut.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Severely Angled Stacked Bob

Hi, I'm Andrea Cameron for and today I'm going to show you how to create a severely angled stacked bob hair cut.

How to Begin a Severely Angled Stacked Bob

Before you start you will need the following items: a comb, scissors, smoothing cream, blowdryer and flatiron

Begin by sectioning the hair in the nape a few inches above the hairline. Start cutting a straight line in the center of the nape at the bottom of the hairline.

How to Cut the Severely Angled Sides of the Bob

Now from either side of the center of the nape continue the cut downward at a 45 degree angle

Here's an important tip to consider, when cutting the severe angle on the sides of the head, make sure the client's head is straight, not looking down. This will ensure that your angle will be true.

At this point you will want to take down another section of hair at the nape and follow the previous cut.

How to Cut Layers into the Bob

Once you reach the edge of the nape section a portion of hair an inch or so above the ear and start cutting down at a 45 degree angle to get your outline.  Take a vertical parting in the back of the nape and hold it out at 45 degree angle and cut. From that piece continue cutting the nape area by taking vertical partings following the angle of the center cut.

Next, bring another section of hair down and follow the same angle until you complete the crown of the head. Move to the side and take 1 inch sections and follow the same severe angle to the front of the collar bone.

Repeat this step and then take a section down from the top of the crown to an inch above the ear and pull it back to blend in with the back section. Do the same on the other side as well as on the top.

How to Style a Bob Haircut

Next apply smoothing cream all through the hair and use a vent brush and blowdryer in the nape to make it lay flat. Use a large round brush to blow dry the rest of the hair under making it as smooth as possible. Go through the hair cut after drying to clean up any uneven pieces now that you can see how the hair will lay.

You may also want to use thinning shears to remove any access bulk from the stacked area. To learn more check us out on the we at  Thanks for watching.

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