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Video:How to Cut Your Own Bangs

with Tesa Peltz

Great bangs require regular upkeep. But you don't need to head to the salon every time your bangs need a trim. Here's how to cut your bangs from the comfort of your own home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Hi, I'm Tesa Peltz for the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City for Style. Today, I'm going to show you how to trim your own bangs.

Hair Cutting Supplies

You will need a comb, a pair of professional scissors or a pair of scissors you can pick up at your local beauty supply store.

Technique for Cutting Bangs

To trim your bangs at home, take your shears. Lift the hair, and cut at an angle going from shorter to longer. Then take a section, a small section at the part, pull it down, and cut from short to long. Take another section next to that one, over direct it just a little, pushing it towards the opposite direction, take the section, over direct, again cut from short to long. Just cut a little bit, you can always go back and cut more. Take a third section, over directing it, again shot to long.

Look and Adjust

Check it in the mirror, see if you like the length. If not you can start again. Lifting the hair, short to long. Take a third section, over direct it all the way to the part, and cut from short to long. And that's how you trim your own bangs.

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