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Video:How to Do a Classic Beehive Hairdo

with Kate McCarthy

Beehive hairdos are hot, whether you're going for a vintage throwback, a conservative Sarah Palin, or a wild Amy Winehouse look. Get your fashionable sixties housewife goin' on with this classic beehive hairdo.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Classic Beehive Hairdo

Hi! I'm Kate McCarthy with and today I'm going to teach you how to do a classic beehive.

Prep the Hair for a Beehive

So, you're going to start off with the hair in a ponytail, and then you're going to start by taking sections of the ponytail, keeping them pretty small. And then you're going to rat each section. And you really need to rat these up, basically so they stand straight in the air.

Form the Beehive Base

Okay, now that you have the top pieces of your ponytail ratted, you're going to take them and kind of gather them into a second ponytail, and fasten them to the crown of the head. So now we're going to take more pieces from the un-ratted ponytail and rat them. And now we're just going to keep adding on to the top with each piece that we rat.

Pin Hair Into the Beehive

Okay, now with the other half of the un-ratted ponytail, just run your curling iron through it, mainly just to smooth it out. Now we're going to do the same thing we were doing with the ratting: we're going to curl a section and then pin it, and then curl a section and pin it. So now with the curled piece, start at the base of the hive, and we're just going to start wrapping it around the ratted piece.

Now that you have a lot of the sides wrapped around, you're going to take this last portion in the back, and now instead of wrapping it around the side, you're going to bring it up to the top, and you're going to pin it. And then with the extra pieces, you're just going to do the same thing in reverse motion. Bring it back around the hive and rat it up a bit more.

Smooth Out the Beehive

And you're going to take some anchors, and take these extra pieces that you just ratted back, and with the anchor, you're going to anchor into the base. And then take your curling iron and just touch up the curls. You can either fasten the curls to your head once you're done, or you can just leave them hanging. Then you're going to take some hairspray and spray this down. And now you have your beehive.

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