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Video:How to Wrap a Wine Gift

with Kara Mickelson

Wine makes for a perfect housewarming or dinner party gift, so wrap it up nicely when you give it to your host. Check out these unique ways for wrapping a wine bottle as a gift.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wrap a Wine Gift

Hi, I’m Kara Mickelson, owner and founder of Creative Culinary Group and I’m here with and I’m going to show you 5 different ways on how to wrap wine as a gift.

Use an Ice Bucket to Present Your Wine Gift

So, for a nicer bottle of wine, what you might want to do is get an ice bucket and then use that for your actual packaging. And then I have here what are reusable ice cubes, and these are great – it’s basically ice without the mess - and they’re going to act as a cushion inside the container. So we’ll put our wine in, and then we’re going to take these out of the packet, and then we’ll go ahead and we’ll put those around the wine. You might include the labeling just so they know what this is for, and then that’s your gift. Add a little bow and you’re ready to go!

Use Towels to Transport and Decorate the Wine Bottle

Now here’s another great way you can take wine to somebody’s home for a housewarming gift. What I’ve done is I’ve bought a nice, decorative dish towel and you can use that to wrap the wine, so that it becomes sort of multi-purpose. They get the wine and then they get the towel as well, the kitchen towel. You’re just going to cinch it around the neck and I’m going to use actually the ribbon that came with the set of towels, so that was easy, but I would recommend that you use perhaps a cloth ribbon for something like this. You’re just going to tie that on. So you have this great presentation that’s multi-purpose - it’s the wine and the kitchen towel. Doesn’t that look great?

Now I really like the idea of using the fancy kitchen towel, so we’re going to take off on that theme again and we’re going to make this wine bottle into a housewarming gift. So I have this little container here - I bought this at a home goods store - and you can just see I’m going to go ahead and line or cradle this with the dish towel. And this is going to make a nice cushion, for your transporting of the wine. So put the wine in there and you’re going to take the remaining dish towel, fold it up, do a final fold and then just put that in at the bottom and that makes it fit in there, nice and snugly. And I am going to take the ribbon - again, this ribbon came with the set of dish towels so that was kind of handy - and I’m going to go ahead and tie that, just allowing that to be a little bit more secure in this decorative basket.

I love the fact that when you’re going to bring this over to somebody’s house, it’s multi-purpose. You have the dish towels - 2 dish towels, you have a nice little set here that can be used for maybe silverware or something of that nature, and then you have the wine.

So now here’s another decorative way where you basically have a 2-in-1 gift. So we’re going to take tissue paper – we’re going to wrap the wine. And then I’m going to put this in a luminary, which is a candle holder. I just got this at a home goods store. And again, it’s a 2-in-1 gift - after they drink the wine, they have the luminary to use on their patio or in their backyard.

Gift Wrap the Wine With Economical Options

Now here’s some more economical options that you can use to wrap your bottle of wine. So we have the bottle of wine here and I have several decorative bags and they range in price from a dollar (I got this at the dollar store) up to 5 dollars, a little bit more decorative. And you can just put the wine in there with a little bit of tissue paper.

A little bit more economical as well is the standard lunch bag with the beverage sticker on top and then you can lace some ribbon through. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to use this tissue paper – and again, I bought this at the dollar store, so it’s very reasonably priced - and I’m going to put my wine in there, pull it up on the sides, and then we’re going to put this into our wine bag. Voila!

So thanks for watching and to learn more, visit us on the web at
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