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Video:How to Play FreeCell

with Nick Richards

FreeCell is a card game that's related to Solitaire but not entirely the same. If you're new to it, we've got a video for you explaining how to play FreeCell.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Play FreeCell

Hi, I'm Nick, and today for we're going to take a look at the rules for playing the card game FreeCell.

Basic FreeCell Rules

FreeCell is a single-player card game that requires the player to stack all 52 cards in order with sort and number. The layout of the game requires eight columns of cards, 4 of which have 7 cards and 4 have 6. All of the cards should be visible to the player from the start of the game. Above the colums are eight free cells, four of which must be used to build each suit, known as the "home" cell, while the other four are free spaces that can temporarily house unwanted cards, known as the "free" cell. To win the game, the player must win all four home cells with sequential numbers, starting with ace and ending with king.

Beginning a Game of FreeCell

Start by selecting any aces that are openly visible at the bottom of the eight columns. If you need to access a card that is further down a column, you will need to move each card in that particular column before you can select it. One way to do this is to move a card into one of the four free cells. However, you cannot move these cards back into play unless it fits into a sequential pattern. You can also move a card onto another card of alternate color in the play area to create a sequential pattern, freeing up columns and cells in the process. It is possible to move multiple cards at a time, but only if there are enough free spaces available in which to move each card individually.

FreeCell Strategy

A good tactic to consider is to try and create free spaces on the board, rather than concentrate on building suits straight away. By placing a king at the top of each column, you are free to build in a descending sequence, making it easier to organise the columns.The aim of FreeCell is to win the game. However, there is also a scoring system for those that would like to add extra detail to their play. Transferring a card to the home cell earns you 250 points. However, you are deducted 1 point for every second of elapsed time and 100 points every time an undo is used. If you are playing on a Windows computer, you also have access to a number of other options, including gameplay statistics and options and you can even select a specific game model by typing the game number and selecting "OK."

I hope this helps you master the game. For more information, visit

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