Free Up Space in Windows XP - Delete Temporary Files to Create More Space Video
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Video:Free Up Space in Windows XP

with Don Schechter

When you manually clean out your temporary folder, you can clear up a lot of space for your computer. See how easy it is to delete these files and folders in Windows XP.See Transcript

Transcript:Free Up Space in Windows XP

Hi, I'm Don Schechter with Computing. Today I'll show you how to free up some space on your WinXP computer by manually cleaning out your temporary folder.

Enter the Temporary Folder

  • CLICK Start Menu / Run
  • TYPE %temp%
  • CLICK 'OK'

Delete Files and Folders to Clear Space

  • HOLD CTRL key
  • CLICK items to delete
  • CLICK delete key

Delete Temporary Content to Clear Space

  • CLICK Edit / Select All (or CTRL A)
  • CLICK 'OK' if you get a message saying there are hidden files
  • CLICK delete key
If you get a message while files are being deleted that says 'Error deleting file or folder,' it just means that it is in use by a program right now. Click 'OK'. Close all your programs and try again. If you still get a message you may need to reboot and repeat the process.

Empty the Recycle Bin to Finish Freeing Space

After all the files have been deleted, you can go to your recycle bin and empty it, deleting the files permanently.

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