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Video:Burn a CD or DVD in Windows XP

with Don Schechter

Homemade CDs and DVDs make great gifts, and they're also easy to compile. Find out how to burn a CD or DVD in Windows XP without using an outside application.See Transcript

Transcript:Burn a CD or DVD in Windows XP

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for About.com Computing. Today I'll show you how to burn a CD on Windows XP without using an outside application.

Burn a CD in Windows XP

  • CLICK Start / My computer
  • FIND music or files to burn
  • CLICK on multiple files while holding the control key or select all the files in a folder
  • CLICK Edit / Select All
  • RIGHT-CLICK your selection
  • CLICK 'Send To' and CHOOSE CD-RW drive
  • CLICK Start / My Computer and open CD-RW drive
  • CLICK 'Write these files to CD" link on the left
  • TYPE name of your CD into the Windows CD Writing Wizard
  • INSERT blank CD
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