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Video:Burn a CD in Windows Media Player

with Don Schechter

Put your DJ skills to the test by burning your own CD or mix in Windows Media Player. Burned music CDs make an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, and they're really simple to copy.See Transcript

Transcript:Burn a CD in Windows Media Player

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'm going to show you how to create a music CD with Windows Media Player. You can copy your older or dirty CD, or create a cool mix with Media Player by creating a CD playlist.

Choose Windows Media Player to Burn the CD

First insert a blank CD-R into your computer. An auto play button will appear and ask you if you want to create an audio CD with Media Player or iTunes, or burn files onto the disk using windows or Roxio. Select 'create audio CD with Windows Media Player' and Windows Media Player should open up to the burn tab.

Select Windows Media Player Options

Go ahead and click the burn tab. In the drop down menu, there are several options such as creating an audio CD or a data CD or DVD. You can also select eject CD after it is done burning. You can also apply volume leveling across tracks, so that all of the songs are playing at the same volume.

Adjust the CD Burn Speed

Click on 'more options,' and here you can used the dialog box to change the burn speed. The slower the burn speed, the more reliable the information is. Click 'OK' when you are done.

Add Music to the CD

Now click on 'library' in the left pane. You can add music to your audio CD by dragging the icon to the right pane. Above the list of songs to be burned on the CD you will see a meter that will go up as you add more songs. The maximum time is 75 minutes of music. You can also change the order of music by dragging the clips up and down.

Burn the CD

Click the 'X' to clear you entire list, or right click a single track to remove it from the list. When you are done, click 'start burn.' Your CD will eject when it is done unless you have choose not to eject it.

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