How to Do Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Chest Video
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Video:How to Do Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Chest

with Margie Weiss

In this video a personal trainer demonstrates resistance band exercises to tone the chest that you can do on your own or with a friend. Here, see these great ideas for resistance band exercises to tone the chest.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Chest

Hi, I am Margie Weiss from Boby By Weiss. Today for, we are going to work on toning the chest muscles using a Resistance band.

What Is a Resistance Band?

A Resistance band is simply a tube with handles. I am going to take the tube; I am going to put it over our toes to the middle of the foot. We want to point your toes just slightly, so that the tube slides off your feet. It will go off the bottom side, rather than up towards your face.

Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Chest

We are going to do three different positions, so that we have the chest muscles in three different areas, all at the same time.

First Resistance Band Exercise

We are going to start by having our belly in, back straight and chin up. Easiest option is with the tube straight up. Louisa is going to do the harder option. You can take the tube, wrap it around one foot. Make sure if there is same tension on both tubes. Shoulders are low; elbows are high on the first one. You are going to pull your elbows backwards bent to about a goal post position, and then slowly return them to neutral.

If you get far enough back but the tube is loose, you've gone too far, you want to keep constant tension on the muscle group, more here, than here. Shoulders are low, you're sitting up very tall on your glute bones, getting in the middle of the chest and by that time your elbows get to the back, you are also getting your back, so it's a good combination for chest muscles, Pectoralis muscles and the back.

Second Resistance Band Exercise

Simply by changing the hands to a hammer grip, and bringing the elbows in close to the body, the hand now comes to the side of the chest, getting to a different part of the chest and the back, just by changing the hand position.

Third Resistance Band Exercise

The third position, palms are going to be up. Down near the knee, you are going to slide your arm almost straight, to slightly behind you. If this becomes too difficult, because it is a harder action, you can always undo the tube from that wrap around on the foot. You want to be able to slightly behind the back, to return to slow and it is controlled. What you got for your chest in the 1st position is here; to with your palm down, we are getting the main part of the chest, and then the back in a position. When we turn the palms inwards, we are getting a little bit lower, same thing in the back. When we turn the palms up and drop it down, we are getting lower into the shoulder blade and into the obliques in the back.

Tips for Resistance Band Exercises for the Chest

So within one exercise we are getting a lot of different muscles groups. Repetition number of times to do it when the body can't get to slightly behind, or if your elbows can't get too parallel, or if your hand can't get to your chest, at that point you want to take a rest.

So these are just a few exercises simply by rotating your hands to get the chest and the back using the Resistance band. For more information, visit

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