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Video:How to Weight Train for Baseball

with Alex Shafiro

Baseball players need to focus on hip, core, and shoulder stability to up their game and keep their bodies safe. Get a workout tailored for baseball players in this health video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Weight Train for Baseball

Hi, I'm Alex Shafiro, director of physical therapy and performance training here at Performance Physical Therapy and Integrated health in Westport, Connecticut, and I'm here with today to talk to you about weight training for baseball. We're going to be focusing on hip, core, and shoulder stability to both improve your game and keep you safe.

Working the Hip and Core for Baseball

Here we're using a cable column and some light weight to do a pallof press, which works the hip and core, which is very useful to stay safe and create power in both hitting and pitching. Mike is making sure to keep his knee bent, and his trunk upright as he pushes the cable column out in front of him. This is working his glutes and his left obliques in order to create stability. He'll do eight to ten reps and two to three sets before moving to the other side. Again, using light weight is essential here because stability is so important.

Working Rotational Core Strength for Baseball

Here, we're using a cable column to perform diagonal cable column lifts, working on rotational core strength, as well as shoulder stability. Mike is keeping his left foot nice and planted and his right hip stable. And using his core, and obliques specifically, to drive the cable up, and then using his shoulder and core to come back down slowly.

Here, we're going to use a stability ball to perform a single-leg squat while keeping the trunk upright and the weight through the front heel. This is working on both trunk stability as well as single-leg stability, which is vital in both pitching, and general throwing throughout the game. 

Arm Strength for Baseball

One of the most important parts of the throw is slowing the arm down towards the end. This is needed to prevent injury to both the rotator cuff, and labrum. In this exercise, Mike is using a resistance band that is anchored at a low point further away, and doing the last part of his throwing motion. On the way down, he's using his rotator cuff and the back of his shoulder doing an e-centric contraction, and then getting a bonus concentric contraction on his way up. This is done, again, to prevent injury to the shoulder, and also slow down the pitcher's arm.

Powerful First Step in Baseball

Having a quick and powerful first step is essential in both hitting, fielding, and running the bases. Here, Mike is doing a lateral band walk with an explosive first step in order to create power off his drive leg.

Those were some tips for weight training for baseball to improve your game, keep you healthy, and on the field. For more information, visit

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