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Video:How to Burn Fat Through Weight Training

with Deb Ferraro

Burning fat through weight training can be a great way to lose inches while getting strong. Watch this video for great tips on burning fat through weight training.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Burn Fat Through Weight Training

Hi, I'm Deb Ferraro with Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness, here for Today we're going to talk about how to burn fat through weight training.

Compound Movements Burn Fat When Weight Training

One great way to maximize fat burning is to incorporate compound movements into your weight training. A compound movement is a movement that involves multiple muscle groups at the same time. Another great tip is to minimize rest periods between your exercises. If you think of your muscles as your internal engines, you need to keep those engines warm and burning fat throughout your workout.

Exercises That Burn Fat Through Weight Training

A great example of a compound exercise is squats with military presses. You're incorporating your major muscle groups: your legs, as well as your core to drive yourself up, and then your arms and shoulders to press the weights above your head. On the inhale, go into a squat, and then on the exhale, press away from the earth and press the weights above your head.

Another example of a compound exercise is horse with upright rows. To get into the horse, your heels come in and your toes come out; your palms face backwards. On the inhale, sink down, get nice and low, stack your shoulders inbetween your hips, engage your core. On the exhale, stand up straight, upright row--lift your elbows up towards the sky, feel the squeeze in your shoulder blades, keep your core engaged.

Minimize Rest to Burn Fat Through Weight Training

Once again, make sure to minimize rest to keep your metabolic rate high. Plank with upright row is another example of a compound exercise working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Place your feet a little wider than hip distance, make sure your shoulders are stacked above your wrists. On the exhale, lift up--exhale, release. Try to keep your hips steady--your core engages to keep you that way. The more muscles you incorporate, the more calories you burn and the more muscle you will develop as a result of your workout.

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