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Video:Basic Strength Training Equipment for Beginners

with Alex Shafiro

Strength training at home can be effective and low-cost if you know what to buy. Get some great tips on outfitting your home for a simple strength training regimen in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:Basic Strength Training Equipment for Beginners

Hi, I'm Alex Shafiro, director of physical therapy and performance training here at Performance Physical Therapy and Integrated health in Westport, Connecticut, and I'm here with today to talk to you about starting a weight training program at home that is both safe and effective.

Starting a Weight Training Program at Home

It's important to keep in mind that using freeweights and heavy machines is not necessary in the beginning, but resistance bands and stability equipment can be as, if not more, effective when you're starting.

When starting out, a stable, non-slip surface is important to have. This mat provides a great comfortable and non-slip surface that you can use when doing your exercises.

Using a fifty-five centimeter swiss ball like this one is an easy way to be creative with both upper body and lower body exercises. In this example doing a bent-knee bridge will engage calves, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back in a nice safe position.


More on Starting a Weight Training Program at Home

Using a superband like this one is a great way to introduce upper and lower body resistance training into your workout. Shelly is performing a lateral band walk while engaging her shoulders, arms, lower back, hips, and thighs in a safe manner, all with one piece of equipment.

Here, using a miniband, we can work on both stability and resistance, where the right leg is working on balance and stability, and the left leg is working on the outside, and back of the thigh for resistance.

In the next exercise we'll use the mat and a pair of easy furniture sliders to perform planks and modifications of them. We can put them underneath Shelly's feet and she can perform a simple plank, or modify to make it tougher by pulling the knees in, and back out, or going out to the side and back in. Again, a great exercise to do with a very simple piece of equipment.

So this was some basic equipment for weight training on your own, and will give you a solid foundation if you want to start an advanced weight training program. For more information, visit

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