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Video:How to Pack a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

with Rachel Edelman

You don't want to be ill-equipped to deal with blisters and contact lens mishaps on your wedding day. See what supplies are essential to bring along on your wedding day, and pack them ahead in this portable emergency kit.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pack a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Hi, I'm Rachel Edelman for You're getting married – congratulations! Your flowers, photography, food, and everything else has been planned. But have you thought about what to have just in case something goes wrong? Not to fear - follow these steps on how to make your own emergency wedding kit. Grab a basket or bag and let's get started!

Pack Essential Makeup Supplies

Of course, we want to make sure the bride looks her best. So be sure to pack any necessary makeup, q-tips and tissues are a must in case you get a little teary.

Bring Quick Dancing Fixes

If you're a dancing queen, make sure to pack some band-aids to take care of blisters, as well as some extra deodorant, and maybe some earplugs if the band gets too loud.

Take Some Hair Supplies

You most likely spent a lot of time getting your hair done. Keep your hairdo secure with packing extra bobby pins, ponytail holders, hairspray, and a brush.

Don't Forget Mints

To keep your mouth fresh, pack gum, breath mints, and maybe some dental floss, too. Probably might be a good idea to have a bridesmaid keep a mint or two handy throughout the day.

Pack Hand Care Items

You'll be shaking a lot of hands on your wedding day, so bring along some antibacterial and moisturizing hand creams so your skin stays smooth and clean. Chances are you paid a lot of money to have your nails done, so keep a kit with clippers and a file, as well as a bottle of clear polish.

Bring a Small Emergency Sewing Kit

Worried about losing a hook on your gorgeous gown? Pack a small sewing kit with extra buttons, hooks, and scissors.

Take Extra Eye Care

For brides who wear contact lenses, its a good idea to bring an extra pair of lenses in case you lose one. Bring contact cleaning solution, a case, and perhaps even a spare of pair of glasses.

Bring Necessary Medical Supplies

Don't forget any important prescription medications, as well as aspirin, allergy pills, and medicine for indigestion or upset stomachs. Sanitary pads and tampons are a smart idea, too.

Items for Outdoor Weddings

If you are having an outdoor wedding, also bring some bug spray and sunscreen for you and your bridal party.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Tips

Keep a list with all your important contact numbers in your kit. Try to keep this kit close by at all times. You might want to ask your Maid of Honor or one of your bridesmaids to watch over it while you are dancing and visiting guests at their tables.

This may not be the prettiest basket, but it could just very well save the most important day of your life. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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