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Video:How to Make a Tri-Fold Wedding Program

with Sarah Meyer Walsh

Learning how to make a tri-fold wedding program on your own can be a great way to save money. Here, see step-by-step instructions for making a tri-fold wedding program.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Tri-Fold Wedding Program

Hi! I am Sarah Meyer Walsh, Owner of Haute Papier, and today I am going to show you how to make a scored wedding program.

Why Make a DIY Tri-Fold Wedding Program

This is a great option for making a program at home, because you can do it on an 8.5x11 piece of paper through your home printer, on paper that you either buy at you local stationery store or through an office supply store, and then you just score on a little scoring apparatus, similar to this that you can get at a craft store.

Instructions for Making a Tri-Fold Wedding Program

So to get started, you will want to lay out your program in whatever design program you are working in, whether it's Microsoft Word or Publisher or one of the Creative Suite programs such has InDesign or Illustrator. And you will want to include all of the general program information that your guests would want to know, the people that are in the wedding party and also the ceremony order.

Once you get that all laid out, you are going to print a test sheet first through your printer and make sure that you have got everything that you were hoping to get and that the printing went all the way to the edges like you wanted. And then you are going to practice on your scoring before you print them out.

Tips for Making a Tri-Fold Wedding Program

So I am going to show you how to score one. So you can figure out where it is that you would want the paper to fold. In this case we had an accordion, so that just this little bit which said the bride and groom's names and the date and Leesburg, Virginia, which is where they got married, on the side when it was folded up and their guests got it like this. Then once it's opened, that's when they see all the information.

So I have already measured to figure out where exactly it is we need to score, and I have actually done a little score on here to make it easier. But on your scoring board, I am using a Scor-it-All, which is one variety of a score.

You are going to align your paper along the top edge to be positioned exactly along the metal line, which is what creates the score. And you are going to take your scoring device and run it down the edge of the paper, pushing with medium force right where you want it to score, and it will create that indentation, so that when you fold it all of the way, you get a really nice even score without breaking the edge of the paper.

And then you will flip it over and repeat on the other side, doing the exact same thing. And then once you know that all of your alignments are perfect, you can go ahead and print all of them and score the rest all at once.

That's how you make a wedding program that is a tri-fold with scoring.
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