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Video:Prize Ideas for Bridal Shower Games

with Savanna Gray

Bridal showers should be a celebration leading up to the bride's big day, so have fun with bridal shower games and prizes. Watch this video for prize ideas to give to game winners at your bridal shower party.See Transcript

Transcript:Prize Ideas for Bridal Shower Games

Hi! My name is Savanna Gray and I'm an Event Coordinating Consultant at En Vogue events, it's based here in Houston, Texas. And today, I'm going to speak to you about bridal shower door prizes.

Bridal Shower Game Prizes Can Range from Small to More Expensive Items

The door prizes are normally awarded to the winner of various bridal shower games. Door prizes are usually small and inexpensive. However, if you do have the budget, you can opt to get gift cards, maybe a day at the spa, gift certificates to restaurants or even may be an overnight stay out of bed in breakfast. However like I said, normally they are small and inexpensive. The gifts can range from just about anything you can think of. Candles of different sizes and various scents, lotions, small cosmetics packaged together, small fragrances, may be a CD of relaxation music and small candies like chocolates.

Bag Bridal Shower Prizes in Small Gift Bags to Hand Out to Guests

So to bag them up, it's simple; you can find little baggies, drawstring baggies just about anywhere. Put a couple of small things in here, and wrap them up. You could also even put them simply in just a gift bag. And it's nice and fun to mix them up so not every person receives the same gift. Say for instance, I could put in here, a candle and a bag of chocolates. All you need to do is simply wrap it with tissue paper and just award it to the winner of the bridal shower game.You can do just about anything for door prizes. However, these are few simple suggestions for bridal shower door prizes.
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