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Video:Pocket Fold Invite

with Sarah Meyer Walsh

Learning how to make a pocket fold wedding invitation on your own is a great way to save money on paper goods for the celebration. Here, see step-by-step instructions for creating a pocket fold wedding invitation.See Transcript

Transcript:Pocket Fold Invite

Hi! I am Sarah Meyer Walsh, Owner of Haute Papier, and today I am going to show you a couple of options for pocket invitation folders.

Making Silk Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

First, we are going to start with the silk invitation. Here is an example of one of our silk invitation folders. And when you are using a pocket folder, the advantage is that you can include your additional inserts in the different slots. When putting together a silk invitation like this, you are going to glue in the different pieces.

Instructions for Making Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

So first, I have already glued in the different mounts, and the invitation is just here on top.

We are using Zip Dry, which is a great paper glue. It glues really nicely without bleeding on your pages. So I am just going to put a fine line around the outside here. And then I am going to center it on top of our ivory mount. And it just takes them a few seconds, maybe a minute to dry. Then I am going to include some of the inserts in the pocket.

For example, with this invitation we have a brunch card, a welcome dinner card, and the RSVP set, the envelope and the RSVP, and I am going to put these on the other side.

If you will notice I have stacked them so that you can easily see that this is the brunch card and then that's the welcome dinner card. It just makes them look really pretty, your guests can easily grab whatever it is that they are looking for.

How to Send a Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation

This silk invitation pocket folder would be mailed in a box. And this box can go right through the mail. So we have created this really pretty label, that we will wrap around the box. And then the postage will go right on top and can go in the mail just like that.

Instructions for Making a Paper Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation

If you are doing a paper wedding invitation with the pocket folder, there are several option, from a tri-fold, and then when you open it up, the invitation spans all three sides.

So first, it's with the parent's names and who is doing the inviting, and then in the middle of the wedding invitation we have the bride and groom's names and the general information, and then we have the dress code and the dinner and dancing on the other side.

Now, on the back of this pocket folder is that great pocket, and in here we have wedding festivities, travel and accommodation, there was a Spanish fiesta that they hosted for their guests a few nights before, and then the RSVP information.

You could do a more simple option, where the invitation is mounted on the front, maybe with a few different papers to really make it pop and stand out beautifully and then the pocket flat on the back.

So as you see, when putting together a pocket wedding invitation, you have several different options, from the elaborate silk invitation folder, to a simple mount with one pocket on the back.

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