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Video:Make a Wedding Bouquet

with Lynn Jawitz

Add a personal touch to your wedding by making your own bouquet. Learn how to choose flowers and arrange them into a professional and beautiful wedding bouquet.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Wedding Bouquet

Hi, I'm Lynn Jawitz of Florisan for Style. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own wedding bouquet!

Wedding Bouquet Supplies

You will need:
  • roses or flowers of your choice
  • flower cutters
  • ribbon
  • a few straight sewing pins
  • a clean vase
  • room temperature water
  • floral food antibacterial
  • floral tape
  • Clear Set, or hairspray if none is available

Choose Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Choose your roses carefully – a rose in the bud stage with unblemished petals and straight stems are best. Pick flowers that complement your wedding colors. They do not have to be a direct match.

Trim and Prepare the Flowers

Cut 1 inch from the bottom of each stem and remove all of the leaves, thorns, and greenery. Place the flowers into a clean vase with room temperature water and plant food antibacterial– leave the flowers in the vase for 4 hours to become fully hydrated.

Form the Wedding Bouquet

To form the bouquet, begin with the most opened flower as your center point and place three flowers around the edges of the center flower. Tape the stems of the first four flowers with your floral tape. Use the same binding point at all times.

Place the next three flowers in the spaces left between the flowers. Tape the stems together, squeeze them, and repeat this process until you have achieved the required size of your bouquet. I have used 18 flowers in this bouquet that I have made.

Wrap the Flower Stems

Once all of your stems are taped together, wrap the stem of the arrangement with a non-wired ribbon that goes along with your wedding party. Make sure to cover all of the floral tape. Go all the way down, see if you need extra coverage, and possibly work your way back up.

Secure the ribbon with the ball headed straight pins at the bottom and the top of the ribbon. Place pins in upward, pushing them towards the top of the flowers.

Once all of your stems are taped together, cut the bottoms of the stems, leaving enough room for approximately a fist and a half measurement.

Spray the Wedding Bouquet

To keep the arrangement looking fresh, spray your arrangement with Crowning Glory or clear hairspray if you have any. This is the perfect wedding bouquet to make your day sparkle!

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