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Video:How to Play "The Wedding Night" Bridal Shower Game

with Savanna Gray

Bridal showers should be a celebration leading up to the bride's big day, so have fun with bridal shower games. Watch this video and learn how to play "The Wedding Night" bridal shower game.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Play "The Wedding Night" Bridal Shower Game

Hi! I am Savanna Gray and I'm an Event Coordinating Consultant at En Vogue events, based here in Houston, Texas. And today, I'm going to speak to you about playing a bridal shower game called "Wedding Night."

To Play the "Wedding Night" Bridal Shower Game, You'll Need:

All you need are just a few items to play. Blank sheet of paper and a pen and designate one sneaky person to be the writer of the bride's reaction. To play the game is easy. Once the bride is opening her gifts have the sneaky person write down her reactions to the gift is the first thing she says, when she opens a gift.

Write Down the Reaction to the Bridal Shower Gifts

As she opens her gift she may open various items, like say for instance a picture frame. She might look at it and hold it up to show everybody and say, "Oh, this is shinny." The designated writer will simply write down "Oh, this is shinny."

She may also open lingerie and just say "silky smooth," that person they write down under "Ooh, that's shinny," "silky smooth" and of course at the end of the time frame or when she's done opening all of her gifts, the designated writer will simply stand up and say, so this is what the bride will on her wedding night and just simply read everything in a row.

It's quite naughty but a nice game to play with the bride amongst all her closest friends. And that's how you play the wedding night.
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