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Video:How to Get People to Dance at a Wedding

with John Money

Weddings are a lot of fun for everybody, but it can still be difficult to convince self-conscious guests to dance at a wedding in front of friends and family. Here are a few quick and easy ideas about getting people to dance at your wedding.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get People to Dance at a Wedding

Hello! I am John Money. I am here today with Maria. We are going to talk a little bit about how to get people to dance at your wedding.

Wedding Music Ideas

Here you have your special day, you got married, you go out there, you do your dance, you've hired the DJ, and he has got all that music and nobody is dancing. Well, how do you get people to do it? Well, the obvious thing is you've got to have fun music; steps that make people want to move. You can have all the kinds of music that you want, but you definitely want to make sure that some of that music, maybe you weave it in, whatever; it's got to be really fun upbeat, music that moves everybody.

Be the First to Dance

Still, that's not enough. Nobody wants to be first. That should be you. You have already gotten out there. Maybe you should go to your local dance studio, take a few lessons, get a few basics of other dances. So as the DJ is playing that music, you guys can be the first ones. Get out there on the floor and do some of the dancing. Encourage them to come along.

Get Friends Who Will Dance at the Wedding

Maybe that's not for you; maybe you don't want to be that person. Well, you need to talk to some of the people in your wedding party. Maybe you can get some people that will be first. That's the key thing. Somebody has got to be first. Get somebody in your wedding party to help you if you need to, but you've got to be first.
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