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Video:Create a Facebook Account

with Shane Murphy

Learn how to join Facebook, find friends, and customize your Facebook profile.See Transcript

Transcript:Create a Facebook Account

Hi, I’m Shane Murphy, your technology Guru for Today we’ll show how to create and fill out a facebook account.

Enter Your Information into Facebook

Start by entering in your personal information on Facebook’s homepage. All of the fields are mandatory, so you can’t skip any. If you’re creating a fan page for a celebrity, band, or business you instead need to click the link at the bottom. When you’re finished click "Sign Up" then complete the security check and click "sign up" again.

Before doing anything else, head over to your email account and open the "just one more step" email. Click "complete sign up."

Search for Facebook Friends

You’ll now be prompted to search for two friends. Enter in two names to be taken to a search screen, or just click "skip." Now click "find friends" and Facebook will search the contact attached to your email address, giving you the option to friend them if they have an account or invite them if they don’t.

Customize Your Facebook Profile

You’ll now be prompted to enter in your work, college, or high school as the nexus of your social hub, or just skip to the next step. Again you’ll have a chance to friend people you may already know.

Add a Facebook Profile Picture

Finally, you can upload or take a new photo to save as your profile picture. Click "save and continue" when finished. You’ll now be taken to your homepage, where facebook will further prompt you to fill in more information about yourself, find people you may know, and setup access with your mobile phone.

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