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Video:How to Use YouTube to Watch TV Shows

with Malena

Want to learn how to use YouTube to watch TV shows on your computer? Here, see tips and tricks so that you can set it up at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use YouTube to Watch TV Shows

Hi, I'm Malena with About.com, and this video is about how to use YouTube to watch Television shows.

Instructions for Using YouTube to Watch TV Shows

In recent years Google started allowing TV shows to legally be watched on there internet platform YouTube. Shows are either complete or in parts. To access this go to YouTube.com/shows. There you will see pages of internet and TV shows categorized by genre and Top Episodes.

More Instructions for Using YouTube to Watch TV Shows

Some of your favorite TV channels, like Discovery and NatGeo have content available to view. Not only that, but for all you re-run lovers, there are full episodes of classic Tv Shows like 3 stooges, sanford and son and married with children. Once you figure out what you want to watch, you can create a playlist or subscribe to that channel. If you want to take it a step further, you can even hook up your laptop to your TV set and watch YouTube on your TV.

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