How to Use Mapquest to Find Accurate Driving Directions Video
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Video:How to Use Mapquest to Find Accurate Driving Directions

with Jesse

Mapquest is a helpful website for driving directions. Learn how to use Mapquest for the most accurate navigation directions to find the best route for your trip.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Mapquest to Find Accurate Driving Directions

This is Jesse with and in this video I’m going to provide instructions on getting accurate driving directions with the Mapquest website.

Enter the Start and End Points in Mapquest

To get directions from the mapquest homepage I want to navigate to the left where there is a "Get Directions" blue link to click on. I now have two blank search bars labeled A and B. There are drop down arrows to the right of the bars which would have any recently searched or saved favorite locations. In this case there are no results, so I will enter my starting point in A and my destination point in B. Typically you can enter an address or a landmark and Mapquest will be able to find the exact location.

In this example I am going to tell Mapquest I would like driving directions from Brooklyn, NY to Albany, NY. Then I click on the green "Get Directions" button. A few moments later up pops a map with a blue line indicating my route and along the left side of the page are the written directions including mileage. Mapquest offers me a choice of 3 suggested routes. By moving my cursor over each route, I can see that route highlighted in my map to the right. I can therefore choose my route based on the highways I like, the mileage and time approximations by mapquest or based on the lines drawn in the map. To pick a route I click on it and my directions will change below. You can also view the route in kilometers instead of miles or change the route from the default search of shortest travel time, to shortest measured distance.

Adjust Direction on Mapquest

Perhaps you’d prefer to go fewer miles, even if it means taking roads with lower speed limits. There is also a range of things you can click to avoid, possibly adjusting your route in so doing, such as highways, tolls or ferries. You can easily get reverse driving directions for your way home by clicking on the blue reverse word under your location bars. Once your route is up, you have several options to play around with. One is to click on the live traffic button within the map to see what kind of traffic and construction is currently on the route.

Search for Services Along the Mapquest Route

Within the map you are also able to see about services that are along your route. There are icons on the top left side of the map that represent different services such as hotels, restaurants and gas stations. This is another very useful tool. Perhaps I would like to know where I can get gas on my drive. I click on the travel services icon and then gas stations. I see that there are many gas stations along my route.

View Maps at Each Point in the Directions

Another nice function of Mapquest is the ability to examine each step of the directions. With each numbered direction you are given the option to zoom into this step to see it more clearly in the map, for added familiarity. You can also click avoid this step to change the route and avoid a street you might know is under construction, or something like that.

Add Destinations to the Directions

I can also add a destination to my trip - another stop, if you will. I can do that several ways. I can grab my blue line in the map and drag it to my new destination. Mapquest will re-route based on this new information. Or I can click on add stop, underneath my B location bar and type in my additional destination. In this case, I’ll use Monticello, ny. And at the top right of the page you will see buttons to print your directions, send your directions and route via email or to create a link with the directions to put on a webpage.

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