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Video:How to Use Google to Find a Person's Address

with Nick Richards

Forgot to ask for the address of your destination? Here are some tips on how you can use Google to find a person's address so you're not lost on the road.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Google to Find a Person's Address

Hi I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to teach you how to find a person's address using Google Maps.

Use Google Maps to Find a Person's Address

First we need to find Google Maps, so head to the Google homepage and click on the 'Maps' tab in the top left hand corner. Once the map opens, it will default to a nearby location. You can change your default location by clicking the ‘Set Default Location' option and typing your desired position.

Get Directions Using Google to Find a Person's Address

Google Maps is great for finding addresses, even if you don't know the full address. Fill in as much of the information as you need to and click 'Get Directions'. Once selected, your map will update with the addresses highlighted and step-by-step directions will be given to help you find your way.

Tips for Getting Directions With Google to Find a Person's Address

You can find directions depending on whether you intend to travel by car, public transport, by foot or by bicycle and if you need to, you can add further locations, in case you have more than one stop. You can even check whether to try and avoud highways and tolls if you prefer. Finally, you can drag your pin marker if you need to change location quickly.

Tips for Using Google Maps to Find a Person's Address

Let's take a look at some map functions. Clicking the + and – signs on the top left of the To explore the street, click on the arrow buttons located on the screen. Remember, you're limited to following the streets. If you want to jump forward, double click on the location you want to jump to. Now you can explore anywhere in the world.

Use Google Street View to Find a Person's Address

If you want to find a home in the UK, you can simply type in the post code and use the same buttons to explore. Just remember that not every road on Google Maps is currently available to explore in Street View, so a birds eye view will have to do.

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