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Video:How to Use Google for a Reverse Phone Lookup

with Lee Weisenfeld

Do a reverse phone number search on Google without irrelevant search results. Check out these tips to help narrow your reverse phone number Google search.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Google for a Reverse Phone Lookup

Hi my name's Lee weisenfeld and today show you how to do a reverse number search through Google.

Search the Phone Number's Area Code

Type the area code of the number you are reverse searching into Google search. Sites like wikipedia can tell you what place an area code belongs to. In our case, 917, is a cellular area code for the five boroughs of New York.

Search for the Entire Phone Number

The next step is to type in the whole number. We’re going to use the number 917-685-8655. You’re going to get a lot of hits for external sites like These sites use the public directory to link people and numbers. Usually you have to pay for these kinds of sites. But if the number you are looking for has ever been posted in a social networking site like Facebook or twitter, or in an online ad like it will also show up in your Google search.

Narrow Your Reverse Phone Number Search

You can add dashes in between the numbers or you can put a part of the number within parenthesis. This will tell Google that you would like to group these numbers together. These different ways of searching save you time because google will organize what comes up and in what order depending on relevance and specificity to your search.

If your search hasn’t found anything you can also use a free external site like or to get more specific information on a number. Whitepages and Searchbug will tell you if the number is a landline or a cellular number as well as the carrier and the local calling area. Rarely will they include more information like the name or address of the owner of that number as that information is protected under privacy laws.

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