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Video:How to Unblock Facebook

with Dimitri LaBarge

Want to learn how to unblock Facebook if you're only allowed to visit certain websites? Here, see instructions for unblocking Facebook.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Unblock Facebook

Hi, this is Dimitri LaBarge for About.com, and today we're going to talk about how to unblock Facebook.

Instructions for Unblocking Facebook

Facebook is the leading social network site in the world, but that leads to a lot of issues depending on where you are. Maybe your country has cut off access, or your school or workplace has terminated access. Here are some ways to get around this limitation.

Ways to Unblock Facebook

There are two ways to get to a site on the internet. One way is to type in a URL, which is a web address like Facebook.com. This is typically what gets blocked. But there's another way to get to a website: by using its numeral location, and every site has one.

Another Way to Unblock Facebook

It's called an IP address. You can find this address by using a ping or traceroute command - this is something you can do in terminal mode on a PC - or use a web service like Network-Tools.com. You can ping facebook.com, and it will bring up the IP. Here, it's Type that directly into your browser, and here you are, right at Facebook's front door.

Additional Way to Unblock Facebook

Another option is to try and use Facebook's mobile site. Services that block websites are often just looking for the main domain facebook.com. Often, they don't take into account alternative sites that present the same data, such as the Facebook site designed for quicker loading on mobile and smartphones. You can get there by typing in m.facebook.com. It won't be as fancy as regular Facebook, but all the interaction is there.

If the denial of access is really comprehensive and the first techniques don't work, you can get around that with a clandestine maneuver. It's called using a proxy, and what this does is hides your identity through another site - basically replacing your IP address with that of the proxy address. The blocking service will often be unable to find the information it needs to block you. You can use third-party free web services like Anonymous or Hide My Ass.

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