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Video:How to Unblock Blocked Websites

with Dimitri LaBarge

Block websites may be accessible if you know a few tricks. Learn how to unblock blocked website with this helpful tutorial.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Unblock Blocked Websites

Hi, this is Dimitri LaBarge for, and today, we're going to talk about how to unblock blocked websites.

There can be instances where a controlling agency like a foreign country, or a workplace or university, may block access to particular sites. Maybe there's a security risk, or maybe the site conflicts with local rules or traditions. There are some simple techniques to try if you still want to access these sites.

A word of warning: some corporations have hard and fast rules prohibiting what can be accessed on their local network, and using these tips can lead to termination. Schools and universities may have similar prohibitions. Use caution and common sense.

Use the Blocked Website's IP Address

There are two ways to get to a site on the internet. One way is to type in a URL, which is a web address like This is typically what gets blocked. But there's another way to get to a website is by using its numeral location, and every site has one. It's called an IP address. You can find this address by using a ping or trace route command - this is something you can do in terminal mode on a PC - or use a web service like You can ping, and it will bring up the IP. Type that number directly into your browser, and here you are, right at the Google homepage.

Use the Blocked Website's Mobile Address

Another option is to try and use a website's mobile site, if they have one. Services that block websites are often just looking for the main domain such as Often, they don't take into account alternative sites that present the same data. You can find listings on the internet of mobile versions of shopping sites and search engines. For instance, Yahoo's mobile site is

Proxy Serves Help Access Blocked Websites

If the denial of access is really comprehensive and the first techniques don't work, you can get around that with a clandestine maneuver. It's called using a proxy, and what this does is hides your identity through another site - basically replacing your IP address with that of the proxy address. The blocking service will often be unable to find the information it needs to block you. You can use third-party free web services like Anonymous or Hide My Ass.

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