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Video:How to Store Pictures for Free on the Internet

with Marc Stephan

Sharing pictures of family and friends is made so much easier by the internet. Learn all the different ways you can share you photos publicly and privately on the internet for free.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Store Pictures for Free on the Internet

If you happen to have an image rich blog or want to share lots of pictures with friends and family online, a free storage website for photos comes handy. I am Marc Stephan for and in this screencast we are going to talk about storing picture files on the internet for free.

Preparing the Picture Files

Even though there are many free storage websites out there, you don't always want to upload your pictures in a large format. In order to ensure a speedy download process, use an image compression software to reduce the size of your photo. In that way you can also remove all meta information from your picture file, so people can't see what settings you in your camera used to produce the photo.

Free Internet Site for Picture Storage

On Photobucket you can store unlimited photos and up to 500 video clips. You don't need more than a few seconds to create an account. You can also use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign in. Photobucket is far more than just a simple storage website. It allows you not only to create and organize photo albums, you can also edit your images by using the tools of this website. You can even create slideshows and collages. An easy to use interface makes sharing pictures with friends anything but complicated.

If you don't feel like creating yet another account, ImageShack is your website to browse to. ImageShack doesn't ask for many personal information. Just upload your image files and you will get an embed code or an URL to share your photos with other people on the internet. When uploading a picture you will have the option to resize it during the process. This makes it super easy if you need a fresh avatar without using a photo software.

Facebook, the social network, is another option to share an endless number of pictures. Simply click on the "add photo" - button and follow the self-explaining instructions. Facebook allows you to grant only certain friends access to your pictures which is perfect for photos of your bachelor party. However, if you use that "limited access" option you can only give people with a Facebook account permission to see your photos.

Legal Concerns for Internet Picture Sharing

Before publishing any images on the internet make sure you own the copyright. Don't upload photos under your name that you have not taken. Also you don't want to upset friends and family members. So avoid publishing photos that show them in a questionable pose or setting.

Thanks for watching. Visit if you would like to learn more about sharing photos online.

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