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Video:How to Search Twitter

with Dimitri LaBarge

Want to learn how to search Twitter effectively? Here, see tips and tricks for finding what you're looking for easily.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Search Twitter

Hi, this is Dimitri LaBarge for Today, we're going to talk about how to search Twitter.

Information About How to Search Twitter

Twitter can be really overwhelming with user posts constantly streaming in, depending on how many people you're following. And those posts may have nothing to do with what you're interested in. Let's talk about how to search so you can find what you want on Twitter.

Instructions for How to Search Twitter

The first place people start is this basic search box at the top of your Twitter homepage. This will give you a very broad, general set of results from anything you type in there. For instance, type Apple, and you'll get a huge list of anything that mentions Apple in the body of the message, the username, web links or usernames.

More Tips for Searching Twitter

While that's useful and probably your most used Twitter search, that can be a lot of information. Let's dive down deeper. You can start by going to It's a full-page version of the search box on top of the page, but you can also see more Trends - that is, the things that are being posted most on Twitter.

Now from this page, click on Advanced Search. You'll get to a page that has a much more fine grained search ability. You can search by combinations of any words, all the words in a phrase, an exact phrase - or even the hashtag, which is a convenient topic bookmark signified by the number sign. You can even search to and from particular usernames or even places.

Let's go back to the search page. Click on operators. You'll see a list of symbols and words that let you do detailed searches right from any search box. These are basically shortcuts to doing the same kinds of things that the advanced search page does. For instance, if you put a phrase in quotes - "happy hour" - it will search that exact phrase. You can even dive down and search for messages with smiley faces, or that contain a link

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