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Video:How to Find a Phone Number Using Social Media

with Blaine Pennington

Want to learn the best way to find a phone number using social media? Here, see tips for finding the phone number you're looking for.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Find a Phone Number Using Social Media

Hi there, Blaine Pennington here with Social media is booming right now and is increasingly become the leader in how we communicate with people. But in certain situations, picking up the phone is still the best option. Today I am going to show you a few tips on how to find the phone number you need by using your favorite social media sites.

Tips for Finding a Phone Number Using Social Media

Facebook is a great way to find contact information for someone. If they are already your friend you are halfway there. All you have to do it go to their facebook page and click on the info tab. Scroll down to where it says contact info and if they have made their phone number available it should be listed right in that category. Not everyone likes to list their phone number on their page though. So you can always send them a facebook message and request their phone number from them. Just scroll up to the top of your facebook page and click on the message icon. Once you have opened the drop down menu click on the link on the right hand side that says, send a new message. Now you just type out your message and send it on its way. If the person whose number you are looking for is not already a friend of yours go ahead and send them a friend request. If they accept then you can message them directly and get all the info you need.

More Tips for Finding a Phone Number Using Social Media

Another popular social networking site is linkedin. Linkedin allows people to connect with business associates on a professional level and is a great way to stay in touch and help further along your career. Finding a phone number on here is easy. Simply open the page of the person whose info you are looking for and scroll down through their profile. Down towards the bottom there is a heading called personal information. If they have their phone number listed on the site that is where you would find it. Not everyone list phone numbers however so messaging them is a great way to get the info you need. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page there is a link that says "Contact this person" and "send a message." Simply click on the link and start typing.

You can also use the information you find on linkedin to help you search for the number you need. If the person works for a particular company and have it listed on their linked in page, try doing a quick internet search for the main number for that company, often times you can find it without needing to send a message before hand.

Myspace is another great way to find a phone number for someone. Simply go to their myspace page and skim their profile information. If they have it listed it should be on their profile page. If they don’t just send them a message to request it. Go to the top of their page and hover your mouse over their profile picture, a box will appear with a tab that says message. Go ahead and click on the message tab and start typing.

I hope these tips help get you on way to better communication. For more tips just like these, visit us on the web at Thanks for watching!

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