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Video:How to Find a Landline Number on the Internet

with Maria Birch

Learn how to find a landline number for a business or residence by using the internet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Find a Landline Number on the Internet

Hi I'm Maria Birch for and in this video I'm going to show you how to use the Internet to find a landline number for a business or a residence.

Tips for Finding a Landline Number on the Internet

One of the easiest ways to do this is to go on which is the official site of the white pages. It's also happens to be free. To find a residential number, you can click on the “find people” tab, or right here on the home page, you type in the last name of the person you're looking for. So, in this case I'm going to be looking for John Doe and even though this is the only field that is required, I would highly recommend typing in as much information as possible, otherwise you may end up with hundreds or thousands of results.

More Tips for Finding a Landline Number on the Internet

So my John Doe happens to be in Washington DC. Let's see if we can find him. As you can see there are a lot of results for the name John Doe, which is probably to be expected. It goes on for quite a few pages as you can see here. So here are a couple of tips you can use to narrow down the results if you find yourself in the same situation.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Landline Number on the Internet

Firstly, look at the age range of the person. Not all of the listings have this, but many of them do, and this can be a very helpful way to narrow down the results. Another thing you can look at is the address. If you know the person's address or at least their city or town, this field should make your search easy. You can also look at associated people. Usually, other people who live in the same household would be listed in this section.

Finding a Landline Number on the Internet

Once you've decided that you've found the right person, click on their name. And now we've landed on a page with their individual listing. Here's the name and underneath it would be a phone number if this particular John Doe did have a landline number. If the listing doesn't include a phone number, then it's very possible that the person you're searching for does not have a landline, they may only have a cell phone. And then their address would be listed underneath as well. Here's an example of a listing that has all of this…here's the name, phone number and the full address of that person.

Find a Business Phone Number Online

Now, finding a business landline number is just as easy. On the homepage of, I typed in Disney World in Orlando Florida. And now I need to click "find." And here you can see, there are quite a few results which have popped up, so it really helps to know the full name and address of the business you're looking for. On the right hand side there is a map which can help you to narrow down the results, but if you have the address, it's really, really helpful. I'm going to click on this one…and over here you will see the name of the business, the address and the phone number.

There are other sites you can visit to search for landline numbers online. I picked because it's currently the most popular but other sites like and also work. In fact, is actually powered by so using it is a very similar experience.

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