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Video:How to Filter a Google Video Search

with Jesse

Google video search will link you to videos that are hosted on a variety of different websites. Here are some tips for searching for videos effectively through Google.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Filter a Google Video Search

This is Jesse with In this video I’m going to provide tips on filtering a Google video search.

Use to Search

The Google video search will link you to videos that are hosted on a variety of different websites. From Google’s website you can click on the videos tab or you can type in the URL In the search bar you would enter any information about the video you are trying to find just as you would if you were doing a regular web search on Google.

Filter Search by Video Features

In this example i’ll pretend i’m searching for one of my all time favorite viral videos, "David after dentist." In this case i type in the full name of the video I’m looking for and, of course, since it’s so popular, it is one of the top results and i can just click on it from here and be taken to the video directly. Of course, if I’m not sure which one it is based on the thumbnail, I can filter the results based on what I know about it.

I know it’s short - under 4 minutes. I know it came out within the last 3 years so I’ll select custom date range and enter a 3 year range. Most of the Google video results are in high quality so no choice there. And under source, I am pretty sure that it first surfaced on YouTube so I will click YouTube. I can also search with a different menu or layout.

Use Custom Search Terms for Video

If i go back to the main Google videos page I can click on advanced video search to the right of the search bar. There I can enter custom search terms. So i can enter "David dentist" if i don’t remember the title exactly but am pretty sure those two words were in it. I can also enter only one word, if that’s all i know or enter words I do NOT want to appear in search results. I can make sure that only English language videos come back, because I know David Dentist was originally in English and then I can filter with the same options I could from the previous video search page. Again, "David After Dentist" comes up as a top result.

Video Search Examples:

Here are a couple more examples. Let’s say I wanted to see if I could watch the film The Godfather using a Google video search. I type in Godfather 2 plus movie and hit enter. I see I get several results, but how do I know if any of them are the full film? I can click on duration - long, to better my chances of getting the full film. And right at the top is a link to watch the full film on Let’s try one last example.

Let’s do a regular web search. With holiday time coming up let’s pretend I want to watch a video on how to wrap a present. I can do a regular Google web search typing in those keywords and once those results appear I can then filter by the video category to eliminate non-video links that came up. If I want, I can continue to filter, again by duration, time posted or by source.

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