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Video:How to Do a Phone Number Search on Google

with Lee Weisenfeld

Do a phone number search on Google without irrelevant search results. Check out these tips to help narrow your phone number Google search.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Phone Number Search on Google

Hi my name is Lee Weisenfeld and today I will show you how to do a number search using Google for

Phone Number Search for a Business

The first step is to open Google and type in the name of the business you’re looking for. We’ll use Best Buy. Be specific in your search! You’re going to get a lot of listings so try to be as specific as possible, for example, add a specific area in which you would like to find the business.

Google will list all of the locations that match your search including addresses and numbers so depending on what you’re looking for this is usually sufficient. If you move your mouse to the right of any of the displayed address from your search an arrow icon will appear, when you roll the mouse over the icon Google will also give you directions and a map view via Google maps.

Personal Phone Number Search

Type in the name of the person you’re searching for. You’re going to get a lot of irrelevant hits so like in the business number search Be as specific as possible. You can add a location where you think this person lives. Most of the results be social networking sites and/or ads where this person listed his or her name and number Sometimes the name alone is enough to find a number for a person.

To narrow down your results include the area code in which the person your searching lives with their name. Our person, Kim Murphy, has her own site where she advertises her business but she has also included her name, email and personal contact number.

It may be difficult to find someone’s personal phone number if they have never posted it online but you can verify this by following the steps from this video and checking the links that your Google search has produced. To learn more information please visit

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