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Video:WordPress Tips: How to Create a Blog Post

with Nick Richards

Creating a blog post in Wordpress is easy, as long as you follow these steps. Watch this About.com video to learn how to create a blog post in Wordpress.See Transcript

Transcript:WordPress Tips: How to Create a Blog Post

Hi, I'm Nick and today for About.com, I'm going to show you how to create a new post using Wordpress. The most important thing a blogger has to do is create content. So how exactly do you do that in Wordpress?

Create a Blog Post from the WordPress Dashboard

If you're on your homepage, you can simply click the 'New Post' option, located in the Wordpress bar at the top of the screen.  This will open a mini-window, which will allow you create a new post on the fly. The post composer works in much the same way as a document or an email client.  Click on the title or text boxes to edit them and use the toolbar to add formatting options.  You add a bold or italic effect to your text, adjust the alignment and even add a link for users to click.  Simply add the destination URL and the text you wish to be displayed and you're good to go.

Use a Toolbar Extension to Create a Blog Post

If these options aren't enough, you can access more by opening the toolbar extension.  Now you have even more choice, including color options. When you're happy with your post, add some tags to help thing organised.  Make sure to separate each tag with a comma. You can quickly insert an image into your post by clicking the 'Insert Image' button and then choosing the file you want to upload. To finalize your post, click 'Publish Post' and your post will be instantly published to your blog.

Use the Post Composer to Create a Blog Post

If you want to make changes to your post, click the 'Edit' button, found at the bottom of each post.  You'll be taken to the full post composer, which has advanced options such as publish scheduling, category management and shortlink editing.  You can access the full post composer at any time by header to your dashboard and selecting the 'Posts' option. Now you know how to compose and edit posts in Wordpress. For more tips and tricks, including how to post images and videos, be sure to visit compute.about.com.

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