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Video:What Are the Most Basic Web Design Software Functions?

with Dimitri LaBarge

Here are some functions to look for in web design software at a minimum, whether you’re paying for a design suite or downloading free software.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are the Most Basic Web Design Software Functions?

Hi, this is Dimitri LaBarge for About.com, and today we're going to talk about what are the most basic web design software functions.

What to Look for in Wed Design Software

So, you've decided to get past the text editor and invest in some good web design software. Here are some things to look for in that software at a minimum, whether you're paying for a design suite or downloading free software. A good software program should be able to start you with some kind of template, like a basic HTML page. You're going to use HTML, HEAD, TITLE, META and BODY tags on 99% of your web pages, so why not save time and start with those in place?

Web Design Software Functionality

Something you should look for is for the software to be able to insert links. Creating an HREF link tag can be a bit of drudgery, so it's really handy for the software to take a web address and turn that into a link for you.

The ability to import images and create size attributes is a pretty important function. You want to be able to have the software let you select a particular file, and also have the software already place HEIGHT and WIDTH tags so the image is properly sized without you having to look up the pixel dimensions.

Basic Fuctions of Web Design Software

Something that's increasingly used as a basic function is some sort of page preview feature, so you can look at your work as you go. Even some extremely basic online editors have this feature now, so you should definitely expect this. Another feature that you should look for is some sort of built-in FTP or publishing function. Any worthwhile program should have some kind of direct connection to your web server where you can upload your web files to your live site. One of the reasons you're investing in web design software is to take these sort of maintenance tasks off your hands.

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