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Video:Tips for Picking an HTML Editor

with Matthew Brown

Choosing an HTML editor depends on how you're most comfortable working. This video from will go over some tips for choosing the best HTML editor for you.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Picking an HTML Editor

Hi, I'm Matt from the site LordMatt, and I am here today for to share some hints and tips on choosing an HTML Editor.

HTML Editors for Different Operating Systems

First thing is to know which operating system you are using. A Windows-only HTML editor is not going to work on Linux or on a Mac. If you are in a hurry and quickly need to edit some HTML, then most operating systems include a text editor, such as Notepad for Windows and it's drop-in replacements, Notepad 2 and Notepad +++, which are available for free online and on Linux Gedit. But you are not going to experience any integrated code support or any validation or FTP, or pretty much anything that you get from more sophisticated editor.


You will need to know what you're looking for. For example, do you need WYSIWYG, which stands for "what you see is what you get." Some editors are WYSIWYG driven, whereas others are IDE, which stands for "Integrated Development Environment" and is better for code writing, such as NetBeans or Komodo IDE.

Specific HTML Editor Suggestions

If you are complete beginner, I will recommend that you use a WYSIWYG-based HTML Editor, which will take care of the actual coding for you and allow you to focus on design. If you are using JavaScript, you may wish to consider Aptana Studio or Bluefish, but if you are focusing more on HTML design, you may wish to consider Dreamweaver or Komodo Edit.

Some HTML editors include an FTP program, whereas for others you will need an external FTP program. As you answer these questions, you'll more easily home in on the best HTML editor for you.

My name is Matt, thanks for watching. And for more, please visit

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