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Video:Link to Webpages in HTML

with Don Schechter

One of the beginner tricks in Web design is linking your pages to other websites. Learn how to create an HTML link in an anchor tag so you can link to your favorite sites.See Transcript

Transcript:Link to Webpages in HTML

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I 'll show you how to add links to other webpages using HTML. Links are what allow viewers to move around from page to page.

Open an HTML Document

First open Notepad, or if you re using a Mac, open Simple Text. I'll open a previously saved html document by going to 'file,' and choosing 'open.' Change files of type to 'all files,' then open your HTML document.

Type the Link in an Anchor Tag

Links use the anchor tag to create a link. Inside the anchor tag type an href attribute and the address or URL that you would like to link to. It should look like this with the URL in quotes. You must put the full address of the website you want to link to. Now close the bracket and type what you want the link to look like on your page. Then close the a tag. Closing the a tag is always required.

Test the Link

Save your HTML document and close Notepad. Open the same document in a Web browser. You will see that the link is underlined and colored differently from the rest of the text. Click to open the link. Now if I hit the back button, the color of the link has changed to show that I have visited it.

Once you know how to include links within your web page you can stylize them or learn how to link them to other pages within your own website.

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