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Video:How to Save an HTML File

with Don Schechter

Learn how to properly save an HTML file.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Save an HTML File

How to Save an HTML Document

Today I'll show you how to save your HTML document so it will open in a web browser.

First, open or create a Notepad HTML document. Make sure all the end tags are present.

Go to file, and choose save as. Give your file a name and click save. Close Notepad and then open the document you just saved. It was saved as a text document automatically, so when you try to open it, it will open with your HTML markup and not in a web browser. Even if you open your web browser and go to file, open and select your HTML document it still won't open properly.

Save as Index.Html

Open up your HTML document in Notepad again. To save this document so you can view it in a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to File, Save As and choose where you want to save it. I will save it to my desktop. Now under save as type choose all files. You should name your main page – in this case the one file – index.html. An index.html file is the default web page that browsers look for. Click save.

Now close Notepad and double click your saved file to open it in a browser. It will work in different browsers as well.

I wouldn't recommend using a program such as Word as a text editor for HTML, even though it is possible to do so. Just be sure to save it as an HTML file.
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