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Video:How to Get Started Using NetBeans Web Editor

with Dimitri LaBarge

NetBeans is a popular IDE based on Java designed for high-end development of web applications. This video shows you how to start learning this tech-heavy software.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Started Using NetBeans Web Editor

Hi, this is Dimitri LaBarge for, and today we're going to talk about getting started using NetBeans Web Editor.

NetBeans is an IDE based on Java

NetBeans is a popular IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, based on Java. NetBeans is designed for very high-end development of web applications, but can be intimidating if you're just getting started. Let's look at some ways NetBeans helps you launch your project.

Where to Start Learning NetBeans

NetBeans 7.1 starts you off with a tabbed interface. The first and most important tab for our purposes is Learn & Discover. NetBeans has several tools here suited for the neophyte developer.

First, let's start by clicking the Take a Tour link. This launches the NetBeans Docs & Support section on their homepage. Now, go ahead and click the link that says NetBeans IDE 7.1 overview. This takes you to a page with a ten minute video describing how to get started, as well as some of the newest features to be introduced in this version of NetBeans.

You can also click the What's New tab to get a page with the complete release information for NetBans and its latest version. If there's a particularly new development you're looking for, this is a good page to keep an eye on.

Building Your First Page in NetBeans

Let's go back to the Learn & Discover page. Before you do anything else, note that NetBeans offers an enormous amount of templates that you can use for your particular project. Right off the bat, we can see Java, JavaFX, PHP, C and C++, and NetBeans own custom-design modules.

Open up the folder named Samples. This folder contains actual sample applications to help guide you through your first programming attempts. Let's click on the one that says PHP. You get a thorough description, right off the bat, telling you what this sample will help you do. Click Next.

Now you just need to set up your location and project name and click Finish. You now have a project tab, and a web page lets you know exactly how to work with this sample application. Congratulations! You've just started up NetBeans and are ready to begin coding.

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